Sunday, February 17, 2008

Regular Exercise and Fish Oil May Keep Arteries Clear and Reduce Body Fat

A combination of prolonged exercise and fish oil can dramatically reduce levels of a fat that can cause hardening of the arteries, a leading cause of heart disease. Fat in the bloodstream is a primary contributor to atherosclerosis, or partial blockage of the arteries.

A recent study found that people who do prolonged aerobic exercise have muscle cells that are able to quickly break down and reduce levels of a fat called triglycerides. Taking a fish oil supplement can reduce triglyceride levels even more.

The researchers studied triglyceride levels in recreationally active men after they'd eaten high-fat meals. One group ate a fatty meal after they exercised. A second group ate a high-fat meal after taking a four-gram fish oil supplement. A third group ate a high-fat meal after exercising and taking the fish oil supplement. A control group ate a high-fat meal only.

The study found a 38 percent decline in peak triglyceride levels in the men who took a fish oil supplement before they ate a high-fat meal. Peak triglyceride levels dropped 50 percent in the men who exercised and took a fish oil supplement before they ate a high-fat meal.

Regular exercise and fish oil supplements may be beneficial for people who are concerned about maintaining a healthy triglyceride level.

Metabolism. 2004 Oct;53(10):1365-71.

In a similar, more recent study, combining fish-oil supplements with regular exercise improved both body composition and heart disease risk factors. Overweight participants with various heart disease risk factors were assigned to one of three groups: fish oil (approximately 1.9 grams/day of omega-3 fats), fish oil and exercise, or placebo (sunflower oil). The exercise group walked 3 days/week for 45 minutes. Heart disease risk factors and body composition were measured at 0, 6, and 12 weeks. The group taking fish oil had a significant reduction in triglycerides, increased HDL cholesterol, and improved arterial vasodilation (blood flow). Both fish oil and exercise independently reduced body fat.

This study showed that increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acids could be a useful addition to exercise programs aimed at improving body composition and decreasing cardiovascular disease risk.

Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 May;85(5):1267-74.

Again we see a direct correlation between increasing one's physical activity and eating a healthier diet with living a longer life without disease. The editors of the Complete Guide to Whole Nutrition encourage readers to take a daily fish oil supplement. Concerned about toxins, such as PCBs, mercury, and pesticides, that all can bioaccumulate in fish? Not to worry! With USANA Health Sciences' double molecular distillation process, used in the production of their, "BiOmega," these toxins are eliminated. Adding BiOmega to your diet can help you to live a healthier life and decrease your chances of having heart disease.


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